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Headquarters Committee 


By resolution 4 C/Res. 29.1, adopted at its 4th session en 1949, the General Conference established the Headquarters Committee.

The Headquarters Committee is governed by Rules 39, 39bis  and 40 of the Rules of Procedure of the General Conference, amended by 31 C/Res. 65 adopted by the General Conference at its 31st session in 2001.

Functions of the Committee To advise the Director-General on all questions relating to the Organization’s Headquarters submitted by the Director-General or by a member of the Committee, and to provide the Director-General with advice, suggestions, guidance and recommendations in this connection.
Composition The Committee consists of 24 Member States elected for four years, half of whom are replaced at each session.
At its 31st session, the General Conference elected the following Member States to be members of the Committee: Argentina*, Belarus*,Costa Rica*, Côte d'Ivoire*, Czech Republic*,
Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Dominican Republic, Finland, France*, Ghana*, Iraq, Japan, Madagascar*, Malawi, Mauritania, Mauritius, Monaco, Myanmar*, Oman*, Panama*, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Viet Nam*.
term of office of the Member States indicated by an asterisk expires at the end of the 32nd session of the General Conference. The term of office of the other members will  expire at the 33rd session, in conformity with a Transitional provision (Rule 39bis) which states: “At the 31st session of the General Conference, one half of the States Members shall have, exceptionally, a term of two years. Such Member States shall be appointed by drawing lots.”
elected on 31 January 2002
The Committee elects its own chairperson.
Chairperson: Mr Musa Bin Jaafar BIN HASSAN (Oman)
2 Vice-chairpersons:
- Mr Karel KOMAREK (Czech Republic)
- Mrs Myriam I. BERMUDEZ MARTINELLI (Panama)
Rapporteur : M. Robert FILLON (Panama)
2 members :
- Mr Ahmed Ismail KHARODIA (Malawi)

- Mr Chandra WICKRAMASINGHE (Sri Lanka)
Meetings foreseen during the biennium The Committee meets whenever necessary to treat questions relating to Headquarters submitted by the Director-General or by one of the members of the Committee.
31 January 2002: Renewal of the Bureau
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Sector for Administration
Headquarters Division

Current membership of the Headquarters Committee
Membership of the Headquarters Committee since its establishment
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