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Moscow Appeal for the Year 2000

adopted by acclamation by the participants in the International Forum
"For a Culture of Peace and
Dialogue between Civilizations in the Third Millennium"

Moscow, Russian Federation, 15 May 1999


We, the participants in the International Forum of Mayors and figures from culture, science and public life, "For a Culture of Peace and Dialogue among Civilizations in the Third Millennium", proposed by Russian cultural personalities and held in Mosocw in May 1999 under the auspices of the Director-General of UNESCO Federico Mayor and the Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov,

Fully supporting and sharing the objectives of the International Year for the Culture of Peace (2000), proclaimed by the United Nations Assembly, and the United Nations Year of Dialogue among Civilizations (2001),

Address this Appeal to all those who are deeply concerned with manifestations of ethnic, religious and any other form of intolerance and open violence in the world.

At the threshold of the Third Millennium, we cannot remain indifferent to the fact that the use of force is ever increasing. Conflicts become exacerbated when the minds of men and women are poisoned by hatred of designated "enemies" rather than healed by the establishment of dialogue and a search for peaceful solutions to existing problems. Under these conditions the most important task is to consolidate the United Nations system and to respect the provisions established by the Charter of the United Nations which authorizes the use of military force only following a decision of the Security Council.

Each human life is invaluable. We must not be silent when before our eyes violence and war cripple and kill human beings.

We cannot remain indifferent when the precious intellectual and material resources of humankind are destroyed for purposes of war.

We cannot remain silent witnesses of the mindless destruction of the environment at the expense of future generations.

We cannot ignore the growing gap between rich and poor countries and rich and poor people, which challenges the ideals and principles of equality and justice.

We must strive to make the third Millennium a symbol marking a new era for the transformation of the culture of war and violence into a culture of peace and dialogue.

Each of us can, through words and behaviour, contribute to the creation of a psychological climate in which violence is no longer accepted: a climate which promotes values, outlooks and behavioural patterns compatible with the culture of peace, tolerance, solidarity and dialogue.

Sharing the ideals of Manifesto 2000 'For a culture of peace and non-violence' proclaimed by a group of Nobel Peace Prize winners and UNESCO, we appeal for the following:

Let us in our everyday life, at home, at work, in our community, be guided by the principles of a culture of peace and non-violence to:

· Respect the life and dignity of each human being regardless of her/his origin, religion or convictions;
· Reject violence in any form;
· Show solidarity and compassion to those in need;
· Learn to listen to and understand one another and learn to live together;
· Preserve the environment and protect our planet for both present and future generations;
· Preserve our cities, the centres of spiritual and material progress which are the heritage of past, present and future generations, from destruction.

We call on all those who share the above-mentioned ideals to support this Appeal and to join the global movement for the culture of peace and non-violence.

Let your first step on this road be to sign - and encourage others to sign - Manifesto 2000 which will be presented by UNESCO to the General Assembly of the United Nations in September 2000, so that the millions of signatures placed on the scales of the culture of peace, non-violence and dialogue may eventually outweigh the culture of war and violence.

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