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Professor and researcher Toh Swee-Hin of the University of Alberta, Canada, received this year’s UNESCO Prize for Peace Education in a ceremony at Organization Headquarters yesterday evening. Continue
Delegates to the Asian Women for a Culture of Peace Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, (6-9 December) today unanimously adopted a programme for action to promote peace, disarmament and demilitarisation. Continue
The Conference of Asian Women for a Culture of Peace opened in Hanoi Wednesday morning with a call to women in the region to co-ordinate their actions for peace and speakers stressed that there can be no lasting peace without sustainable development and gender equality, and that peace is closely linked to women’s rights and to human rights. Continue
* 6 - 9 December 2000 Regional Conference on Asian Women for a Culture of Peace
Background Document

Hanoi, Vietnam
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* 2 November 2000 19 speakers addressed the United Nations General Assembly today on the issue of a Culture of Peace.   This debate included the subjects of the International Year for a Culture of Peace (2000) and the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World (2001 - 2010).
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The Special Cinema Prize for the Culture of Peace will be awarded on October
18 (6.30 p.m., Room I) by French actress and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador
Catherine Deneuve to Chinese director Zhang Yuan for his film Seventeen Years in a ceremony to be followed by a screening of the film in its original Chinese-language version with subtitles in French. This will be the first French preview of the film which won the Best Director Award at the 1999 Venice Film Festival. Continue
* 28 September 2000 UNESCO Unit for Peace and New Dimensions of Security Launches Web Forum on Human Security
The Forum, "SecuriPax", -  launched today - is intended as a place for exchanges, debates and reflexion in order to converge research and actions in progress, around a series of essential questions relating to the security of each individual.
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* 19 September 2000 More than 60 million signautres for a Culture of Peace Presented to United Nations
* 13 September 2000 Toh-Swee Hin nominated as recipient of the 2000 UNESCO Prize for Peace Education
* 12 September 2000 Report of the UN Secretary-General on the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World.
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* 21 July 2000 The President of the United Nations General Assembly, Theo-Ben Burirab, gave the convocation remarks to the Master of Science in Management of International Public Service Organisations at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Services, New York University, during which he posited   whether or not the United Nations was "ready and resourceful enough to confront the challenges and problems facing the world as we enter the twenty-first century".  Of  these challenges, the President stated that the United Nations must seek to "promote a culture of peace, tolerance and human security".
Read the President's remarks.
* 20 July 2000 During a meeting of the Security Council, held on 20 July 2000 to consider "The Role of the Security Council in the Prevention of Armed Conflicts", a Statement by the President was released calling on "Member States, relavant bodies of the United Nations System and other relavant organisations to promote a culture of peace." It also recognised "the importance of appropriate implementation of the Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace".
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New Publications

mrcpp.JPG (64017 octets)

Male roles, masculinities and Violence: A Culture of Peace Perspective
Edited by Ingeborg Breines, Robert Connell and Ingrid Eide
UNESCO Publishing, Cultures of Peace Series
ISBN: 92-3-103745-5 p.p. 288

What are the connections between men and masculinity on the one hand and peace and war on the other? What are the best ways to change the traditional perception of masculinity to make it more favourable to peace? In what ways can we best educate boys and young men to embrace the spirit of a culture of peace? How should peace-building strategies handle questions of masculinities? These are crucial questions that have, until now, rarely been tackled.
The chapters in this book take as a point of departure the expert group meeting entitled 'Male Roles and Masculinities in the Perspective of a Culture of Peace', which was organized by UNESCO in Oslo, Norway in 1997. The objective of the meeting was to pool the talents and energies of experts in this field to formulate practical suggestions for change from the deep-rooted patterns of the culture of war to a gender-sensitive culture of peace.
The chapters vary from regional case-studies from three continents to social-scientific research on the connections of traditional masculinity and patriarchy to violence and peace-building. The focus is on approaches that favour masculine peace-building capabilities than those that dwell on destructive capacities. The Culture of Peace initiatives in this book show how violence is ineffective, and the book contests the far-too-frequent views in the socialization of boy-children that aggressiveness, violence and force are an acceptable means of expression and could contribute to sustainable solutions to conflicts. These initiatives point towards an exciting gender-balanced, post-patriarchal society for the next millennium.

Order this book from UNESCO Publishing

director.gif (5719 octets) World Directory of Peace Research and Training Institutions
UNESCO, Paris, 2000, 9th edition, 300p, 120 FF
Trilingual version : English/French/Spanish
ISBN : 92-3-003726-5

The ninth edition of this Directory is appearing during the International Year for a Culture of Peace, proclaimed by the United Nations at the initiative of UNESCO and on the eve of the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World (2001-2010). ACulture of Peace may only be built through a coalition of partners and actors established at local, national, regional and global levels. The United Nations Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace underlines the specific function of the specialized institutions which, through education and research, play an essentiel role in constructing a culture of peace.

Order this book from UNESCO Publishing

namibia.JPG (23573 octets) Report on the National Dialogue on the Culture of Peace
Government Office Park, Windhoek, Namibia
12 - 13 June 2000

For information, please contact:
Namibian National Commission for UNESCO
Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Employment Creation
Government Office Park
Private Bag 13391
Windhoek, Namibia
Telephone: (264) (61) 270-6319
Fax: (264) (61) 270-6322

inventons.JPG (33860 octets) Inventons la paix : Huit écrivains racontent...
Anthologie inédite, Éditions Librio No JA 0017 -- ISSN : 1255-0337 -- ISBN : 2-290-30087-X

Le siècle qui s'achève a connu des progrès vertigineux dans les domaines de la science, de la technologie et de la communication.  Il a malheureusement échoué à mettre fin aux pratiques fondées sur les rapports de force et la logique de guerre.  C'est pourquoi l'année 2000 a été proclamée année internationale des Nations Unies pour la culture de la paix.
Huit écrivains contemporains, venus d'horizons très divers et connus pour leur engagement humaniste, donnent l'exemple.  Par leurs textes, ils témoignent et appellent à une prise de conscience : la paix est l'affaire de tous, il suffit de l'inventer, par les mots et par les actes.  C'est l'horizon d'une paix possible que promet ce livre-manifeste.

Livre disponible en librairie.

buddhist.JPG (37663 octets) Buddhist Peacework : Creating Cultures of Peace, Edited by David W. Chappell
ISBN: 0-86171-167-X

"This diverse collection of essays will be useful for courses in peace studies, especially those exploring the complex and crucial issues surrounding the role of religion, spirituality, moral behavior and individual responsability in creating and strengthening cultures of peace."

Paul Joseph, Professor of Sociology,
Tufts University, and
Chair, Peace Studies Association

To order, please contact: Wisdom Publications -

Conflict.JPG (41908 octets) The Implementation of the Right to Self-Determination as a Contribution to Conflict Prevention, Dr. Michael C. van Walt van Praag with Onno Seroo, Editors
Report of the International Conference of Exterts held in Barcelona, Spain -- 21 to 27 November 1998

"The subject of this conference seem to me to be especially inportant for the international community.  So many of today's conflicts take place within states where communities are aspiring to greater recognition of their cultural and political identity.  We must study these situations in detail and descide to what extent international texts on the right to self-determination are really suited to today's circumstances and are able to prevent this sort of conflict."

Opening Remarks by Federico Mayor, Director-General of UNESCO 21 Nov. 98

brasil1.JPG (13311 octets) Ligado na Galera, César Barriera, Coord.

"Promover, em parceria com Governos Estaduais e Municipais e com a sociedade civil, campanhas educativas relacionadas às situações de risco, vivenciadas pela criança e pelo adolescente, como violência doméstica e sexual, prostituição, exploração no trabhalo e uso de drogas, visando criar e manter um pradrão cultural favorável aos direitos da criança e do adolescente."

Plano Nacional dos Direitos Humanos, Proposta de Ações Governamentais

brasil2.JPG (24924 octets) Os Jovens de Curitiba: esperanças e desencantos, Ana Luisa Fayet Salla

"Considerando-se que as primeiras experiências com drogas muitas vezes têm como motivo a curiosidada, o ócio, a falta de confiança em si, a indiferença e a violência do ambiente, assim como as dificuldades de satisfazer nossos requerimentos essenciais: de ser tratados com dignidade e respeito; de ser estimulados a preservar nossos valores, nossos sonhos, nossos projetos de vida, de ser valorizados como pessoas, em decorrência de nossas competências e considerando nossas ações positivas."

Realizações e Desenvolvimentos Individuais, Princípio III da "Carta dos Jovens para um Século XXI" Livre de Drogas

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