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Towards a Women’s Agenda for
a Culture of Peace

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Edited by:

Ingeborg Breines,
Dorota Gierycz and
Betty Reardon

"Women’s visions, intelligence, energy to the creation of a more just, prosperous and peaceful world."

Angela King and Federico Mayor

‘See the world through women’s eyes’, take action for development and equality, is not only a matter of justice or human rights but the only way to promote peace.

Violence and repression within an autocratic framework have failed. There can be no doubt that a new equilibrium based on gender equality would help to promote peace and tolerance.

This book analyses issues and problems of women’s roles in times of war as well as in time of peace. It reviews peace and security policies and practices from a gender perspective and studies women’s initiatives for peace. It combines the visionary and the practical that has infused the ongoing flow through the years of the International Women’s Decade and the 'Beijing Process’.

A joint publication of the Women and a Culture of Peace Programme of UNESCO and the United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women, this book offers bases on which to build a realistic new way of living together.

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Towards a Women’s Agenda for a
Culture of Peace

Edited by Ingeborg Breines, Dorota Gierycz and Betty Reardon

C o n t e n t s

Preface: Federico Mayor and Angela King

Introduction: Ingeborg Breines, Dorota Gierycz and Betty Reardon

Part 1: Issues and Problems of Women’s roles in War, Peace and Security

chapter 1 - Women in Decision-making: Can we change the Status quo? Dorota Gierycz

chapter 2 - A Gender Perspective on a Culture of Peace, Ingeborg Breines

chapter 3 - Women, War and Peace, Dan Smith

chapter 4 - Participation, Citizenship and the Implications of Women’s Activism for a Culture of Peace, Angela Raven-Roberts

chapter 5 - Women in the Global Village: Increasing Demand for Traditional Communication Patterns, Evelin Lindner

Part 2: Gender Critiques of Peace and Security Policies and Practices

chapter 6 - Gender and the UN Agenda for Peace, Carolyn M. Stephenson

chapter 7 - Balancing Cooperation and Critique: Preliminary Considerations of a Feminist View of the Agenda of Women and Peace, Hanne-Margret Birckenbach

chapter 8 - Peace-keeping: Men’s and Women’s Work, Judith Stiehm

chapter 9 - Women or Weapons: the Militarist Sexist Symbiosis, Betty Reardon

Part 3: Women’s Actions and Initiatives for Peace

chapter 10 - Gender, Democracy and Peace: the Role of Women’s Movements Mobilization in-Latin America, Maria Elena Valenzuela

chapter 11 - Peaceful Initiatives: Soldiers Mothers Movement in Russia, Elena Zdravomyslova

chapter 12 - Traditional Mediating Techniques and Women’s Contribution to a Culture of Peace, Jacqueline Adhiambo-Odoul

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