Women’s contribution to a culture of peace


Since the Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing, 1995), the UN agencies have renewed their commitment to the inclusion of a gender perspective in all activities. To this end UNESCO established the Women and a Culture of Peace Programme (WCP) in 1996.



In addition to mainstreaming a gender perspective in the transdisciplinary project ‘Towards a Culture of Peace’ the priorities are:

• Supporting women’s initiatives for peace;

• Empowering women for democratic participation in political processes to increase their capacity and impact especially in economic and security issues; and,

• Contributing to gender-sensitive socialization and training for non-violence and egalitarian partnerships, with a special focus on boys and young men.

‘Equality, development and peace are inextricably linked. There can be no lasting peace without development and no sustainable development without full equality between men and women’

UNESCO Statement on Women’s Contribution to a Culture of Peace, 1995

UNESCO Priority Women, Gender Equality

‘Promote greater involvement of women in prevention and resolution of conflicts and, in particular, in activities promoting a culture of peace in post-conflict situations’

UN Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace, B.15.j (1999)

Beijing +5

Gender-sensitive socialization

Special Project on Women and a 
Culture of Peace in Africa


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