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    By Betty Reardon
    (Printed version - 120FF)
    Online version (Acrobat PDF)
    Access fee: 60,00 FF / 9,15 Euros
    200 pages
    2001, ISBN 92-3-103811-7

    An educational tool based on a comprehensive, gender-sensitive approach to peace education, this volume, designed as a resource for teacher education especially relevant to teaching in secondary schools, can also be used for the preparation of elementary school teachers and facilitators of non-formal adult education.

    It responds to the demands of a growing number of educators who want to be part of a global movement towards a culture of peace, through providing their students learning experiences in holistic gender-sensitive, human rights and peace education, to develop the skills and capacities to build and maintain a culture of peace.

    The volume also contains relevant suggested readings and internet sites to enable educators to undertake more extensive peace education.

    This manual was elaborated by Dr. Betty Reardon (Teachers College, Columbia University and at the International Peace Research Association (IPRA)), who received the 2001 UNESCO Peace Prize's Honorable Mention, in co-operation with the UNESCO Women and a Culture of Peace Programme, the Division for the Promotion of Quality Education and the Division of Women, Youth and Special Strategies.


  2. Launching of a new book entitled, The Begums of Bhopal: A Dynasty of Women Rulers in Raj India
    19 October 2000
    UNESCO House, Paris, France

  3. Regional Conference on Asian Women for a Culture of Peace -  Background Document
    6 - 9 December 2000
    Hanoi, Vietnam

  4. List of Up Coming Events throughout the Year 2000

  5. Chad Women Launch Appeal

  6. International Eco.peace Village

  7. New CD-ROM

  8. Scholarship offer – AGI Associates Program

  9. Men Against Violence: A Culture of Peace Perspective



  • Launching of a new book entitled, The Begums of Bhopal: A Dynasty of Women Rulers in Raj India
    by: Shaharyar M. Khan
    Printed by: IB Tauris Publishers
    ISBN: 1 86064 528 3 p.p.276

    The recently published book,  The Begums of Bhopal tells the unique story of four women rulers of the former Indian princely state of Bhopal between 1819 and 1926: Qudsia, Sikandar, Shahjehn and Sultan Jahan.  The book highlights the significance of women's rule in essentially a man's world and focuses on the importance of justice, emancipation, education and fair governance as the basic ingredients of their success.
    History has too often been written without taking into account and making visible the achievements and actions of women. Much more research and descriptions of women's contributions to the development of their societies and human civilisation is needed. The Begums of Bhopal is an important contribution to highlighting the roles played by women in power.
    Shaharyar M.Khan is a direct descendant of Bhopal's ruling family and he is currently Pakistan's Ambassador to France and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO.
    The official launching of the book will take place at UNESCO House, Paris, France in the presence of the Director-General of UNESCO, Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, on October 19th 2000.

  • Chad Women Launch Appeal
    On the occasion of the celebration of International Women’s Day, March 8, 2000, Chadian women launched an appeal to their leaders and armed factions to end the conflict in their country. Marking International Women’s Day as a "Day of Prayer", women of Muslim and Christian faiths from the Union des Femmes pour la paix (UFEP) and the Cellule de Liaison et d’Information des Associations Féminines (CELIAF), assembled at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and requested pardon for the sins of their country committed since Independence and the re-establishment of peace in Chad. They hope to send copies of this appeal to the Presidents of Libya and Sudan, neighboring countries, as well as to the current President of the Organization of African States (OAU).

  • International Eco.peace Village

    The International Eco.peace Village (IEV) is dedicated to the resolution of human and ecological conflicts through the medium of experiential training especially for women and youth in a holistic and sustainable environment.

    The primary aim is to contribute to the broad ecological and peace goals of Cyprus and other countries in the region and internationally through the creation of an International Eco.peace Village which will focus on:

    • Peace education and conflict resolution and training
    • Environmental management
    • Applications of sustainable technology techniques
    • Research
    • Advocacy action
    • Exchanges and networking between institutions and countries with parallel interests

    To achieve their aim the International Eco.peace Village

    - Promotes respect for life and the overcoming of violence which degrades people and the environment
    - Builds a civic culture of peace and ecological sustainability by affirming the dignity of all human beings
    - Emphasizes democracy, human rights and civic responsibility

    The Village will organize workshops, seminars and training programs in conflict prevention and resolution and environmental policies whereas the facilities of IEV will be available to organizations, youth and women’s organizations and universities to organize peace camps, ecology fairs, art and music festivals, youth theatre, athletic activities and other multicultural events.

    For further information contact the International Eco.peace Village

    Tel: 357 267 4410
    Fax: 357 267 4668
    Email: iev@mail.com

  • New CD ROM

    The European Profeminist Men’s Network recently published the 2nd Edition of their EuroPro-Fem CD-ROM providing information on

    • Books and reports
    • Research and bibliography
    • Posters and good practices
    • Links to other sites

    Some of the issues covered in the 2nd Edition include male identity, equal opportunities between women and men, violent men, homophobia, patriarchy, male power, gender issues, stereotypes, and deconstruction
    For more information on the European Profeminist Men’s Network contact

    Mail: EuroPRO-Fem Coordination
    European Network of Researchers
    University of Toulouse le Mirail
    Attn: Daniel Welzer-Lang (Les Traboules)
    7 rue Lakanal
    F-31000 Toulouse, France
    Tel: 33 5 62 30 91 08
    Fax: 33 5 62 30 81 02
    Email: dwl@univ-tlse2.fr

  • Scholarship offer – AGI Associates Program
    The African Gender Institute (AGI) has received funding from the Rockefeller Foundation to re-activate its Associates Program. The Program offers a limited number of African women the opportunity to be based at the University of Cape Town while completing a writing project of their own choice and design within the framework of gender equity and social transformation.
    Click here to find out more

  • The Women and a Culture of Peace programme has organized a Presentation and Discussion on Men Against Violence: A Culture of Peace Perspective which was  held on Saturday October 30, 1999, from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm in Salle XIV at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. The guest speaker at this occasion was Mr. Michael Kaufman, founder and International Director of the White Ribbon Campaign.
    For futher information please click here.

  • The Seventh Congress of the Association of Interbalkan Women’s Cooperation Societies, UNESCO Center for Women and Peace in the Balkan countries on the theme Human Rights and Culture of Peace was to be held in Tirana, Albania from November 19-20, 1999 but has been postponed indefinitely.
    For further information please contact: The UNESCO Center for Women and Peace in the Balkan Countries at telephone number 031 42 22 70, fax: 031 42 22 71


  • IPRA Student scholarship
    The International Peace Research Association Foundation, IPRA, is offering a two-year scholarship to Third World women to do graduate work in areas of interest to IPRA. This award is contingent on acceptance into a graduate peace and conflict studies program. This is an on-going Fellowship for women from third world countries who want to continue their education. They can study anywhere in the world. They receive the Fellowship for two years. We then encourage them to come to the IPRA Conference and present their research to the group.
    Award date: February of the current year. Application deadline: January prior.
    For further information please contact:
    Dr. Linda M. Johnston, Conflict Resolution Program
    Antioch University McGregor
    800 Livermore Street
    Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387-1609
    United States of America
    Phone: 937.769.1869
    Fax: 937.769.1807
    Email: ljohnston@mcgregor.edu
    Website: www.mcgregor.edu/imacr.html

  • UNESCO Director-General presents prize to
    Women and a Culture of Peace Logo Competition Winner

    9 March 1998

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