Printed and Electronic Publications

Women's Contribution to a Culture of Peace: Statement from the Fourth World Conference on Women (1995)

• Postcards & Posters featuring logos from the ‘Visualize your concept of a culture of peacelogo competition (1998/99)

Towards a Women’s Agenda for a Culture of Peace (1999)

Women Say No To War (1999)

Women’s Best Practices in Peace Building and Non-violent Conflict Resolution in Africa (1998)

Male Roles, Masculinities and Violence: A Culture of Peace Perspective (September 2000)

Final Documents of the Zanzibar Conference (October 2000)

Women and a Culture of Peace Brochure (Summer 2000)

• Case Studies on African women’s traditional conflict resolution and mediating practices (2001)

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Future Orientation

In addition to on-going actions, partners are being sought for the following activities within the context of the International Year for the Culture of Peace (2000) and the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and non-violence for the children of the world (2001-2010):

• Regional conference ‘Asian Women for a Culture of Peace’, Hanoi, Vietnam, 6-9 December 2000;

• Latin American and Caribbean meetings on overcoming gender-based violence, Chile and Jamaica, 2001

• Collection and sharing of exemplary practices in overcoming gender-based violations of human rights with a view to establishing a possible ‘Observatory’ / database within UNESCO’s fields of competence;

• A UNESCO Summer School on a Culture of Peace with a gender perspective aimed at providing tools for and training in non- violent, gender-sensitive conflict resolution and peace-building;

• A possible Award for the most ‘Gender-Sensitive Culture of Peace Initiatives by Men’.

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Gender-sensitive socialization

Special Project on Women and a Culture of Peace in Africa