Regional Conference on Asian Women for a
Culture of Peace








Asian Women for a Culture of Peace Conference

Hanoi Declaration

We, Asian women,

Gathered at the Asian Women for a Culture of Peace Conference, significantly organized in Hanoi, Viet Nam, 6-9 December 2000, as an Asian celebration of the International Year for the Culture of Peace,

Consider that this Conference is part of the preparations for the UN Decade on a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World (2001-2010), and is in support of the Beijing Platform for Action and the Outcome Document of the Global Review Meeting of the Fourth World Conference on Women,

Join women of the world in acknowledging the many achievements brought about in the past century, and in their continued endeavor for gender equality, development and peace,

Regret that wars and armed and other conflicts continue to exist, families and communities fall apart, countless lives are lost, crime and violence are on the rise, and poverty and social prejudice remain a burden for Asian women,

Voice alarm at the continued proliferation of war and military build-up at the expense of social and human welfare and development everywhere as well as at the pollution of children’s minds,

Express concern that women continue to be victims and targets of atrocities and aggression in wars and conflict situations, experiencing systematic violations of their human rights and dignity, and remain largely excluded from decision-making in political, economic and social development,

Reiterate that human security and a Culture of Peace require that we confront the root causes of violence, economic deprivation, social injustice, intolerance, exclusion and discrimination,

Strongly advocate that:

    1. Education be the key to human development and peace, along with respect for human rights, dignity and cultural diversity, equal participation in decision-making by women and men, and reorientation of social and economic policies and structures,
    2. The media play a responsible role in shaping public perceptions, in eliminating stereotyped images of women and men, in de-glamourizing wars and armed violent conflicts and in reflecting increased engagement of women in the Culture of Peace,
    3. The role and potential of women and men in the eradication of poverty, the enhancement of the economic development of the family and the community, as well as the empowerment of women through training for employment and livelihood programs, and through equitable participation in science and technology for sustainable development, be further promoted,
    4. Women’s distinctive experiences, perspectives, skills and competence in conflict resolution and management, in opposing the use of force, in preventing violence, in healing and reconciliation, as well as women's potential for leadership, be recognized and enhanced,

Commit ourselves to building the Culture of Peace movement in solidarity with women in other parts of the world, and working with civil society organizations, governments, regional and international NGOs, and the international organizations, particularly the UN system, in promoting demilitarization, disarmament including nuclear and chemical weapons, and the cessation of the manufacture of and trade in arms,

Unanimously adopt the Asian Women’s Plan of Action for a Culture of Peace and Sustainable Development.


Adopted in Hanoi, Viet Nam
9 December 2000.


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