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Let's Fight HIV/AIDS, Papua New Guinea
2 November 2007

Led by Norman Wai, the Foundation for Young People have launched an initiative to sensitize as many of the students as possible on HIV/AIDS in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. They aim to get their message across through visits to institutions, radio spots and training other youth so that they can further spread the message.

Here is a recent update from Norman:

"We started our project with an inhouse training and followed by visiting institutions. So far we attended four institutions within the province. We are yet to visit the remaining 26 institutions, which will be done in the next three weeks.

I shall inform you about some problems we faced but are not an obstacle as we tried our best to get the project on the ground and we are into the project.


Transportation was a major problem that we faced when the Provincial Aids Council's transport was stolen some two months back. Now they have no vehicle to assist us or in implementing other programs. They are handicapped in assisting us as we previously agreed. We sought for assistance for a car and luckily we had a support from a father who owns a 25 seater coaster bus who gave his vehicle for free but we had to refuel it with fuel to implement our project. We are relieved now.

Now we only need to refuel the vehicle and visit the institutions to carryout awareness. There are no other cost of using the transport.


Time is another factor that is catching up with us. As proposed we thought of reaching 30 institutions in two months, however, due to school holidays to which are coming up and the final students assessments in schools are in progress we don't seem to have enough time.

We are trying our best to reach the remaining institutions within the remaining schooling hours in the next three weeks or four if possible. Some of the institutions that we scheduled to visit have a tight timing with their programs. As a result they have no time to spare for us especially in town schools. We then made arrangements with institutions in rural areas that we are now visiting. We will reach our target of visiting 30 institutions in the province before school holidays begin.

The above are the main problems we are facing but have learnt to overcome them so we will reach our target and achieve our objectives."

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