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HIV/AIDS awareness in schools, Zanzibar
21 July 2007

"The focus of this project was to raise awareness amongst teachers and students in particular and the community in general about the issue of HIV/AIDS especially in the area of infection/transmission, effects and stigmatization and discrimination. This objective was planned to be met by implementing 4 main activities with 5 subsidiary tasks. The project activities were undertaken in all nine schools of Makunduchi constituency namely; Kiongoni, Kusini, Makunduchi Secondary, Miwaleni, Kajengwa Mtende, Kizimkazi Mkunguni, Kizimkazi Dimbani and Kibuteni. Each school had to invite a minimum of 60 students in all activities of the project. The project then was expected to involve more than 540 students that is about 10.9% of the total number of students in the constituency (4947)."

JUKEWJIMA* (Jumuiya Ya Kuendeleza Elimu Jimbo La Makudunchi) attempted to undertake this initiative to young people especially those in schools as part of its basic role in the constituency. The methods used to portray the HIV/AIDS message to students were acceptable to both students and education authorities in the district.

The community at its side was very impressed to the initiative taken by JUKEJIMA and call for further development of such health educative programs. As the project seems to meet its immediate objectives, the impact of the knowledge will be observed after a while.

* JUKEWJIMA is an organisation in Zanzibar with the main goal of improving the quality of both primary and secondary education in the Makunduchi Constituency.

Final Report [.pdf 138Kb]
Youth Report [.pdf 89Kb]

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