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Though the programme ran from 7-12 January 2005, participants began arriving in Mauritius on 4 January and some did not depart until 18 January due to difficult travel schedules.

Field trips, shopping trips and visits to places of interest were arranged during the pre- and post-meeting days. Additionally, participants prepared and dismantled the display materials they had brought from their islands.

Ninety-four youth participants (43 from the AIMS region, 36 from the Caribbean and 17 from the Pacific) participated in the YVIL event. They came from 31 SIDS and six islands with other affiliations.

The meeting was officially opened by Hon. Ravi Raj Yerrigadoo, Minister of Youth and Sports in Mauritius, a very young politician, who spent an hour after the official ceremony talking individually with the youth participants and visiting their country displays.

After an introductory workshop, the meeting focused on the three main themes - Life and love in islands, My island home and Money in my pocket.

Starting with Life and love in islands, there was a panel discussion led by youth participants from each of the three regions. Participants then were divided into small groups where they discussed and prioritized the issues relating to that theme after which they reported back to plenary.

Then they returned to their small groups to discuss future youth-led activities relating to the priority issues. They used the project template (28Kb .doc) to prepare in detail, one or more project proposals. These were then presented to the plenary group.

See discussion and project proposals for:

Three youth-led drafting committees were established to start working on the final declaration. There was some overlap between the three themes, but this had been expected.

The make-up of the small groups was re-arranged each day so as to provide as much interaction as possible. Every group was interregional and gender balanced. A group of resource people played a very important role in providing advice to the small groups where necessary. The resource people came from UNESCO headquarters and field offices, UNICEF, Ministries of Education in Mauritius, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago, Ministry of Environment in Seychelles, TakingITGlobal, and RMIT University Melbourne.

After the discussions on the three themes were completed, participants met together in country groups to decide on their follow-up project(s).

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