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The Champs Club - Project Early, Grenada
13 February 2009

Hi Everyone, just a group project update.

Project Early is off to a great start. As you know we are using the powerful medium of television to educate kids about HIV/AIDS.

We chose the name of the show: "The Champs Club" and we selected 10 children to be on the main cast. Last Wednesday we got to meet 8 of them and recorded short clips of their interviews which you can view on our website still under development on:

Everyone seems really eager to begin filming but right now, we're designing sets and preparing scripts and kids songs. Each show will be about 30 mins long and will include different segments.

We have developed about 4/5 interesting segments including puppets, singing & dancing, games, kids talk and of course the lively discussion with our expert in the field of HIV/AIDS, Dr. Marianne Szauer from Angel Mountain Ltd.

Will keep you all posted on the developments as usual.

Any suggestions and feedback are most welcomed.

Amanda John

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