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Rotuma HIV/AIDS Awareness, Fiji
13 February 2009

Noa'ia 'e Mauri (Cordial Greetings) everyone...

It has been inspiring hearing from all. First thing, let me introduce myself. My name is Emily Akata Erasito, and I hailed from one of the most remote islands called Rotuma. I was also born and raised there and everything about Rotuma I would say, always will be a part of me. I am the Rotuma Youth Representative for the Provincial Youth Forum of the Fiji Islands (PYFFI) and a member of the National Youth Advisory Board as the vice chair. As a peer educator being attached to the Ministry of Health, my proposal to be Rotuma's Peer Educator has been accepted and this would be effective after I complete my work under UNESCO.

The project I am running is on HIV/AIDS Awareness for the whole island. The duration for this project is just four months. Rumour has it that there are people living with HIV/AIDS for the past couple of years. With UNESCO's help especially financial assistance, I wish to enlighten the inhabitants in Rotuma about the facts and reality of HIV/AIDS and clear any myths that has been around as a stumbling block...some of my activities include a presentation to the Rotuma Island Council, workshop for the youth, teachers’ workshop including community outreach and school visits on the subject of HIV/AIDS.

Wishing you all the best in all your endeavours....once again THANK YOU UNESCO especially the HARDWORKING TEAM

Alalum (Blessed)
Emily Erasito


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