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Public awareness campaign on HIV and AIDS through sports, Madagascar

Who's involved:
Project leader: Claudia Zamany

Main partner: Association des Jeunes de Millénaire VITASOA Majunga Madagascar

Other organisations:
- OCB (Organisation de Communauté de Base) youth club against HIV/AIDS (They will help create awareness about the activities of the project);
- Cabinet d’étude ZAVA;
- Service Régional du Projet VIH/SIDA (assistance with documentation and advice);
- Service Régional des jeunesses et sport;
-Majunga Press;

March - November 2009


- Organise weekend boys football and girls basketball competitions in the city of Majunga;

- The competitions will take place in 10 neighborhoods of downtown Majunga;

- Use displays, banners, leaflets and speeches to educate participants;

Progress Reports:

Project Proposal






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