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Clipping HIV/AIDS - through film, Tonga

Who's involved:
Project leaders: Ebonie Fifita, Siaosi Hurrell, Hernan Christopher Clark, Harri Hapa, Domidilla 'Ali, Mercy Kafalava, Yvane Fifita, Ruha Fifita, Samiu 'Ofa

Lead organisation: On the Spot Youth organisation

Other organisations:
- Tonga National Youth Congress – will provide advice and information, facilitate workshops and use project material;
- Filitonu Drama Group – will run drama workshops, provide resources, give advice and support;
- Family Health Association – will provide advice and information of their professional services;
- Ministry of Training, Employment, Youth and Sports – will support and advise;
- Youth Stakeholders Steering Committee – will support, advise and help distribute project material;
- Talaki Newspaper – to cover progress of the project;
- Tonga Broadcasting Commission – to cover progress of the project;
- Pacifika Youth (YSF Network) – Provide regional networks for advice, resources and information;
- Netalia Productions – will provide technical assistance to film and edit film clips;
- Rocky's IT Consultancy – will provide technical assistance in animation, filming and editing film clips;
- Tulou Productions - will provide technical assistance in sound and music editing for film clips.

February - October 2009

- To utilise the creativity of young people to create powerful resources that support and promote existing efforts for HIV/AIDS awareness, and dispel the  myths and unnecessary discrimination towards HIV and AIDS

- To effectively draw the attention of young people to the severe reality of HIV/AIDS existing in a society, their rights, the facts of HIV/AIDS and the importance preventative actions play in their lives.

- To encourage more young people to take an active role in combating HIV/AIDS and build their trust and confidence in accessing professional advice, services and care.

On the Spot will create a series of attention grabbing television clips which deliver clear messages into homes. These ads will dispel myths about HIV/AIDS as well as inform, support and encourage viewers to understand the importance of:

  • Individual responsibility
  •  Knowledge of the ABCs to combat HIV/AIDS.
  • Behaviour and attitudes that promote healthy lifestyles, relationships and communities.
  • Trust and confidence in the services available
  • The local, regional and global realities of HIV/AIDS.

Progress Reports:
9 June 2009: Physical, Action and Social clips, Tonga
29 January 2009:
Introducing the Clipping HIV/AIDS project
10 October 2009: Clips produced on HIV/AIDS (YouTube):

Project Proposal [PDF 66Kb]







Ebonie Fifita and
other project leaders



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