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Environmental Awareness Raising, Haiti

Who's involved:
Project leaders: Davidson Dubois

Main partner: Cent de Rechech et Edikasyon pou Enviwonma (CREPE)

Other organisations:
- Fondation pour la Protection de la Biodiversité Marine (FoProBiM)
- EnviroSynergy

July 2006 - June 2007

My Island Home

To encourage local youth to engage in environmental awareness raising and pollution prevention activities

- The participation of 100 community youth in environmental education awareness raising/stewardship activities

- Collaborate with organisations EnviroSynergy and the Fondation pour la protection de la biodiversité marine (FoProBiM) to implement the activities;

- Plan, organize and hold 5 environmental awareness raising classes for a total of 100 youth;

- Establish a tree/vetiver nursery, plant 1,000 trees/vetiver plants, and provide training in the care of the trees/plants;

- Plan, organize and hold one tree planting competition and award prizes for first and second place to the teams with the most trees planted;

- Plan, organize and hold one clean-up competition and award prizes for first and second place to the teams with the most debris collected;

- Prepare and print environmental education materials for distribution at the awareness raising activities;

- Publicise all the activities through local radio, television and newspapers;

- Evaluate the impact of the activity by asking a minimum of 60 youth to complete a survey on their knowledge of the environment and pollution prevention before and after the environmental awareness raising classes; analyse and report on the results of the evaluation;

- Investigate and report on ways of continuing this activity in the future ;

Progress Reports:
28 March 2007
The project started in November in Arcahaie, 3ème Des Vases, at Carrefour Poy, by the preparation of the land and a feasibility study for planting trees in the area.

Our biggest difficulty seems to be the customary motives of the Luloise population to freely pick from the land. It is a challenge to overcome. Now we are starting to educate the population and are taking care of purchasing material for the project. However, the big difficulty is that our economic resources are limited, given that we would like to start planting beginning May, particularly 1 May because it will be the Labre festival.

Full progress report [PDF. 82.6Kb]

Project Proposal





Davidson Dubois


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Looking after the seedlings
in the nursery


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