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Role Playing Game: My Island Home, San Andres

Young people from Star Teen and The Rebels youth group in San Andres developed a role playing game, 'My Island Home', to create awareness among native islanders of the impact of development on their islands. The game forms part of a larger series of activities to encourage the community in taking action through 'Best Management Practices' to protect their island environment.

The background of Star Teen and The Rebels relies on a Colombian Institutional Program to protect children during their free time after school. Both groups are part of the vulnerable community of Bottom House in Old Providence. People are poor. Children and youth suffer discrimination from others at school.

They regularly meet with their mentors or monitors three times a week to plan and carry out a great variety of social and environmental activities.

Providence Foundation worked together with both groups to set up the project proposal ‘My Island Home’ and created a close partnership to continue developing ideas and turning words into action on both islands to create environmental awareness especially among young people and children.

Activities of this project included:

  • The establishment of the youth group Star Teen and The Rebels to become a legal organization, and providing them with training in project management and leadership;
  • Working with the Colombian trade and office institution (SENA) to carry out on-going computer and internet training programmes for computer-illiterate youth of Star Teen and The Rebels and their parents;
  • Holding a training program and workshop to provide island youth with the background information on land tenure and economic development on islands as well as on the methodology to develop the role playing activity, My Island Home;
  • Inviting local and regional authorities to support the youth in their creation and testing of the role playing activity, My Island Home;
  • Facilitating the design and creation of the role playing activity, My Island Home, by the youth and in their testing of the prototype with small business owners and farmers.

All the game participants enjoyed playing the Role Playing Game. They felt that the local situation is fully reflected in the philosophy, vision and development of the game.

Some sentiments expressed about the game included: "It is exactly what we are passing through today; We are living the situations just as those developed the game; We learned that if we come together and exchange ideas and goods, our economic situation could improve; Means of production are important, but we have local assets we can utilize in a sustainable way. We learned that fish and crab can “done” (common local expression are, "fish can't done", "crab can't done") which refers to the infinite vs. finite resources."

Future activities includes consolidating the organization of Star Teen and the Rebels; strengthening existing projects and developing new project ideas to increase environmental protection and to gain more community members to be actively involved in taking care of the islands.

Final Report [PDF 482 Kb]
Overview of the different activities and outcomes of the project

Background information
Objectives, activities, progress reports, workplan, project proposal





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