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Dream Cast Drama awareness program, Solomon Islands

Who's involved:
Project leader: Kennedy Folasi

Main partner: Dream Cast Drama Group

Other organisations:
- Save the Children Australia (SCA): Youth Outreach Program (YOP)

- Ministry of Health

March - September 2006

My Island Home

Formed in 2004, the Tuvaruhu Multi-ethnic community youth drama group (Dream Cast) dramatises issues affecting young people in the communities in and around Honiara, Solomon islands.

After successfully implementing a theatre drama training project (July 2005), the Dream Cast group is aiming to use drama performances and radio drama as an advocacy tool.

- Build capacity and building networks with other organizations that are involved in HIV/AIDS.

- Include young people to campaignagainst social issues affecting them.

- Raise the level of awareness among villagers and communities about social issues affecting young people, including HIV/AIDS.

- Collect information on social issues, particularly HIV/AIDS and substance abuse, prepare a short report and draft drama scripts featuring these issues;

- Involve at least 10 young people in performing the drama presentations for their peers in 35 different communities, and at the same time conduct peer-to-peer and youth focus awareness talks;

- Publicise the activity through local radio, television and newspapers;

- Evaluate the impact of the activity by asking a minimum of 60 youth in three different communities who have seen the dramatic performance to complete an evaluation form; report on the results of the evaluation;

- Investigate and report on ways of continuing this activity in the future.

Progress Reports:
28 June 2006
Full progress report [PDF 66Kb]
Currently we are working on finalizing dates for dramatizing in each community and also doing contacts with the communities on which issues to present in each area.

According to our current action plan, our first confirmed date for drama performance will be on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of July. Due to our country Independence Celebration on the 7th of July other dates will be finalized before or after the independence celebration. Save the Children staff are currently on a two week training so this has caused delay in arrangement through the YOP (Youth Outreach Program) network.

All the DreamCast participants are ready and looking forward to our upcoming programs and everything is running smoothly.

Cheers from the Dream Cast team.
Thank you for the support

- Kennedy

Final Report [.pdf 492Kb]

Project Proposal
Dream Cast background information




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