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Palé Kwéyòl exceeds all expectations

Thanks to the Youth of Dominica, UNESCO and numerous other partners, Dominicans can say today that the Kwyl culture, particularly the language, is on the path to restoration. The Pal Kwyl project, which was designed to teach the Kwyl language and culture, has been successfully implemented, exceeding the expectations of many.

It was a truly remarkable experience working with other young people, facilitating the holistic development of our younger peers, developing ideas, and witnessing our vision become a reality.

Activities such as the Kwyl March, Kwyl classes, Kwyl radio program and the first ever Kwyl Spelling Bee have left a permanent mark in the minds of Dominicans who are expressing their desire for the program to be repeated.

The outputs of the project will prove that once given the opportunity and resources, young people can make a meaningful contribution to our culture and independence celebrations.

Our report and the data that corresponds to it will be tools for this present generation to continue using in the coming months as we continue the classes in a different setting and new aspects of the program take shape. In time it will become a template for future generations to springboard into the next phase of developing our culture and nation.

The report is also intended to sensitize people in other islands and regions about the work that the youth are doing to save our heritage and by obtaining feedback from them, we can establish linkages and identify best practices so that we can act globally in addressing the issue of the international problem of the loss of culture.

Let all who read this be inspired to join us and help take our culture to a new plateau.

- Jahisiah. J. Benoit, Director of the Pal Kwyl project

Latest update:

30 October 2006
Back in Dominica we commenced the second cycle of the Palé Kwyl program last week. So far we have had the opening ceremony/press conference, a television program, and a radio program, the intereviews for the youth who are to take up office at the Kweyol desk are scheduled for today and tommorow. We have six persons applying for this job, ten who have applied for the training as tutors. Soon their training will commence as well as the spelling B.

- Jahisiah

12 September 2006
Last week we had a very sucessful presentation at the workshop which was organized by AREC-F (Atelier de recherche sur l'enseignement du crole et du franais) in collaboration with the cultural division. The representatives of AREC-F are very interested in having two members from the Youth Culture and Heritage Movement visit Martinique and Guadeloupe to promote the project and outline strategies for its implementation. Also one of the senior personnel namely Dr. Paulette Jno-Baptiste Durizot recommended that the project be implemented as a caribbean project. Where as the latter is still some time in the making we are working with them to make the visit a reality.

- Jahisiah

8 September 2006
This afternoon the group is going to do a presentation on the project at a linguisitc workshop organized in collaboration with a foreign linguist named Stella Cambrone. I will inform you of the outcome of this two day workshop which seeks to advance techniques for teacing Kweyol and strategies for including Kweyol in the class room.

- Jahisiah

18 May 2006
The Cultural Division has agreed to fully fund the project this September and ensure that aspects such as the Spelling Bee and Kweyol March become annual activities. In addition they have agreed to reinstate a Kweyol Desk at the Divisions headquarters; we are working on getting a member of our group to be employed at this desk.

- Jahisiah

Background information
Project proposal, workplan

Historical background on the Kwyl language

Class material [.pdf 175Kb]
Alphabet, Kwyl vocabulary list, outline of lessons

Kwyl Spelling Bee [.pdf 81Kb]
Competition rules, final list of words

Final Report [.pdf 323Kb]
Outcomes of: Classes, March, Extravaganza, Spelling B, Radio program





Jahisiah Jeremiah Benoit
Jahisiah Jeremiah Benoit


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