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Dominica cleans up Gutter!

The focus of this project was to sensitize the village of Gutter on their improper garbage disposal habits and to assist them to play their role in keeping it clean. The project has had an immediate and visual impact in Gutter Village and neighbouring communities have expressed an interest in undertaking similar activities.

This community is found in the parish of St. George on the outskirts of the capital city Roseau. It has a population of about 1500 persons with more than half unemployed.

From inception, the response from the community and other partnering companies has been overwhelmingly positive. People acknowledged the need for such a campaign and pledged their support from the start.

The activities of this project included:

  • Flyer distribution
  • Children's workshop
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Heavy garbage day
  • Clean up of ravine

The best attended activities were by far the children's workshop, which months later continue to bear fruit, and the heavy garbage day. It is strongly recommended that these activities be repeated. Funding options are being explored towards this end; possible contribution from villagers, from the Alliance Franšaise and from Dominica Youth Environment Organisation Inc.

The effectiveness of the clean up activity would normally be judged from the amount of garbage found in the ravine, after a month period, it must be noted however that this is not entirely reliable as it has been observed that storm drains from neighbouring hamlets feed the ravine in question. Actual evidence is more obvious; increased use of the bin provided, persons taking the initiative to clean their immediate surroundings and a few children are less inclined to litter.

The entire project can be said to have been a success for if just one person was inspired to change his attitude towards the disposal of garbage, then the fight towards a clean environment has gained ground.

Neighbouring communities have been impressed by what has been done thus far and have requested that the same be done in their own communities. So this initiative has been well received and it has become an excellent stepping stone for future projects.

- Marvo -

Background information
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Final Report [.pdf 963Kb]
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Marvo Didier

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Participants with their certificates

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Clean up of the ravine

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The cleaned ravine

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Heavy Garbage Day volunteers

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This page last updated: 1 February 2006