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HIV/AIDS Project Management Capacity Building for Youth Groups, Grenada

The Youth Empowerment Foundation of Grenada Inc. led by Samuel Antoine, Quasi Andrew and Clifton Nedd developed a project that was aimed at preparing community based youth groups to play an effective role in HIV and AIDS Programme at the local level.

The activities of this project included:

  • Visiting youth groups to review their operating structure and identify capacity constraints (this assisted with workshop planning);
  • Developing workshop schedule and confirming facilitators;
  • Procuring workshop materials, stationery, equipment and HIV-related Information, Education and Communication / Behavior Change Communication (IEC/BCC) items;
  • Conducting 4 whole-day workshops;
  • Reporting to Youth Visioning;
  • Continuing follow-up and technical assistance to groups as they design and implement projects in their community;
  • Providing periodic reports on the longer-term impact of the project to Youth Visioning.

The training workshops were held on Saturdays: November 10, 17, 24 and December 1, 2007. The workshop was targeted to end on December 1 being World AIDS Day to coincide with activities being held in the same area in observance of World AIDS Day 2007.The Workshops began at 9 am and ended at 3:30 pm on each training day.

The Foundation is in the process of developing its work-plan for 2008. Key activities include opportunities for continued engagement and support from the Foundation, our stakeholders and the training facilitators who have committed to providing continued training, advice and support to the groups. The support from the Department of Youth will be accessed in 2008 to provide some further training for the targeted groups. In the immediate, the Foundation has forged a partnership with the Grenada Arts Council. The two organizations will be collaborating to engage youth groups in the creation of public artwork using recycled materials over the next 8 months. Further, the Art Council is embarking on a paper recycling project using waste paper to create display and sale containers for Grenada’s spices. The Foundation will be partnering with the Council to provide training for the De Blandeau group in this area in the Month of February 2008. This training presents an opportunity for self-employment as the trainees can then produce the containers for sale – the Council and the Foundation are at this time confirming market arrangements for the products.

Final Report [PDF 176 Kb]
Overview of the different activities and outcomes of the project

UNGASS Country Progress Report (Grenada) [PDF 219 Kb]
Reporting period: January 2006–December 2007
Submission date: January 31, 2008

This is an official submission to the UNAIDS secretariat for the monitoring of progress towards the Declaration of Commitment unanimously adopted in the 2001 UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV and AIDS. This report is presented exactly as submitted by the country, without editing or other alteration. This and other member state submissions will form the basis of the Secretary-General’s report to the General Assembly in June as well as the 2008 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic which will be launched at the International AIDS Conference in August 2008.

Background information
Objectives, activities, progress reports, workplan, project proposal





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