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Photovoice: My Island through My Eyes, Jamaica

"Photovoice projects have been done all over the world, from the villages of rural China to neighborhoods in the United States. Photovoice projects have covered many themes such as safety on school grounds, children dealing with violence in communities, and women's health issues. The photographs that are produced through photovoice projects document actual realities that people see and deal with on a daily basis.

This photovoice project took place over a two-month period. After a series of workshops on how to use the camera, photography techniques and group discussions on community issues, the children were given digital cameras and asked to take pictures of what they love about their community and what they dislike about their community. As a group they also decided to take pictures of the places they felt safe and unsafe in their community. The children who participated in “ My Island Through My Eyes” created photographs that represent the true and natural beauty, character, personality and unique attributes that best represent life on their island.

There were many lessons learned on many different levels. Things like leadership, communicating and collaboration were learned. Skills such as photography, artistic, and technical were learned. Being involved in a resourceful project taught many of the youth why it is important to work hard, get an education and give back to their community. Showing youth that there is a lot of different ways to think; to learn and to get involved has lead to stronger personalities. Over the course of the project many of the youth became more outgoing, less afraid to share ideas and more confidant.

'My Island Through My Eyes' has become bigger then we ever thought. The exhibit of both Kelly’s documentary photographs and the youth participant's photographs have been on display in three different art exhibits. At this time we are working on planning our final exhibitions of our Hurricane Dean Community exhibit and a celebration exhibit/dinner in Kingston, Jamaica. As a group we decided that the youth participants of this project should be able to see their photographs and their message being made outside their community in a bigger exhibit. The photographs represent them in their community; their photographs are personal, public and community art. With a bigger opening and a bigger gallery outside their mountain community will show the youth participants what it's like to have your work on display for a larger viewing audience. This final exhibit will get the youth out of their community, give them a chance to celebrate all the work they did and make them feel proud." - Kelly

Photovoice in the press:
6 February 2008
Mountainous Terrain by Camille Gillman
(Extract) Mountainous terrain, feelings of compassion, rainbow of smiles and an overall culture experience of life, was the trip taken at Kelly Lynch’s photography exhibition, "My Island through My Eyes." She took us on a journey to the town of Hagley Gap, Jamaica, where we saw images taken by her students from their everyday lives. >> Full article [PDF 521Kb]

Gillman, C., 2008, Mountainous Terrain. The 1851 Chronicle (Lasell College’s Student Newspaper), 2(3), p.6

Final Report [PDF 85Kb]

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