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Enviro-Kids Programme at Holywell, Jamaica

Yanique Powell contributed to the construction of the Kidsí Discovery Zone (KDZ) Interpretive Centre, which was coordinated by Marolyn Lucy Gentles. The KDZ is a facility designed to facilitate play among children aged 3-11 years while educating them about the environment of the Blue and John Crow Mountain National Park, Jamaica. Youths from diverse backgrounds came together and successfully overcame the many obstacles presented by the project, in particular a period of bad weather that made working on the facility difficult.

The themes of the National Park are all interpreted in sketches and murals, games and story telling, sights and sounds and in the general architecture of the structure. It is the first environmental interpretation play centre of its kind in Jamaica. The KDZ is made up of 5 zones representing the Tody Club House, Coney Mound, Froggy Farm, Millipede Crawl and Lizard Climb.

The activities completed within the scope of Youth Visioning included:

  • Completing the construction of the Tody Club House (main feature of the KDZ)
  • The preparation of environmental interpretive packages for the children visiting the park
  • Developing and distributing a brochure about the park

Surveys conducted before the opening of the playground indicated that a large majority of adults said that they were not satisfied with the facilities offered by the park for children. The children themselves revealed a serious lack of awareness about the animal life in Jamaica. With this in mind, the response to the playground has been overwhelming and the park has welcomed 3 large groups since January 2006 in addition to welcoming daily visitors.

"I realized I had a lot to give back to my community through what I could volunteer to do for the National Park. The training from Youth PATH also helped me to understand the importance of using the KDZ as a tool for interpretation. Much more art work is needed though to make it more meaning full and full of life. Some of this work could also be replicated and used in schools."

- Michael Elliot, young volunteer painter for the project

Project proposal, workplan, background, objectives

Full Report [.pdf 1002Kb]
Concept, construction phase, interpretive program, volunteers responses, photos

Holywell Kids Discovery Zone (KDZ) brochure [.pdf 919Kb]
Promotional brochure for visitors

Enveloped in 'Misty Bliss' [.pdf 696Kb]
Newspaper article on the Holywell recreational area, which includes the KDZ





Yanique Powell

Marolyn Lucy Gentles

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Kids Discovery Zone (KDZ) partially finished, Sept. 2005.

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