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Let's fight HIV/AIDS, Papua New Guinea

Norman Wai and the Foundation for Young People implemented an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign with the aim of minimising and reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.

"HIV/AIDS is spreading in PNG especially among young people.  Here we want to stop or reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country by involving ourselves in such awareness programs.  We belief that by cooperating together, we can reduce and eventually stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country. As a result, we came up with our theme: “LETS FIGHT HIV/AIDS TOGETHER”.

In order for the information to be disseminated to a vast audience, we targeted the young schooling population to further disseminate the information to others.  It includes their parents, relatives, peer groups, friends etc.  In this way the information will be passed on from one person to another.  And eventually together, we can reduce and stop the spread of HIV/AIDS among everyone here in WHP and Papua New Guinea." - Norman

The project involved disseminating HIV/AIDS information to 29 institutions in the Western Highlands Province. The group is hopeful of continuing the project in the future. "We hope to try to improve our method of presentations to include drama, poetry, storytelling, video shows, puppetry or oral discussions about HIV/AIDS and its impacts. We intend to seek funding from Donor Aid Agencies to fund us to continue with the project." - Norman

Final Report [PDF 116Kb]
Overview of the different activities and outcomes of the project

Background information
Objectives, activities, progress reports, workplan, project proposal


Foundation for Young People

A presentation at one of the visits to the schools

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Norman Wai

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