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Training and developing young people to be actively involved in caring for the poor and needy in their communities, Samoa

Enele Westerlund and the Youth For Christ (Lepea Chapter) developed a volunteering program to assist the needy in Samoa. The activities of this project included:

  • Visit and help 12 needy families in the rural villages;
  • Visit, entertain and clean-up Vailoa Home for the Elderly Nuns;
  • Organize and conduct "Family Night";
  • Organise and conduct a Youth Camp;
  • Visit, entertain and give gifts to Mapuifagalele Home for the Aged.

"This activity was held in conjunction with the Society of St Vincent de Paul. The Society identified the families to be visited and accompanied us to the families. We gave the families food, clothes and monetary donations. We were supposed to visit only 12 families but we made repeat visits to families needing special attention.

The Society taught us how to behave when visiting families, especially those with disabilities. We learned how to find out the familes' needs without offending them." - Enele Westerlund

Final Report [PDF 21.2 KB]

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Enele Westerlund


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Rowena Peters (YFC member) communicating in sign language with Litia (deaf) from Tufulele Village


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A village community that
received some assistance


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