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Helping to create more employment through local investment, Seychelles

Who's involved:
Project leader: Sabrina Marie

Main partner: Youth Department, Ministry of Environment

Other organisations:
- Small Enterprises Promotion Agency (SEnPA)
- Center for Skill Development

April 2006 - February 2007

Money in my pocket

A forum on "Helping to Create more Employment through Local Investment" was held on Saturday 23rd July 2005 at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Seychelles. The workshop involved participants from a previous forum that was organized in 2004 and also unemployed youths. There was a total of about of 75 participants.

The forum introduced the project proposal and gave participants the opportunity to voice their concerns relating to unemployment issues. The invited youths stated that they wanted to continue participating in future activities with the project as it was a good initiative that has local investors (Small Enterprises Promotion Agency (SEnPA) and CKD) that can help in the implementation of projects.

Our aim is that at the end of the training programme, the participants will be qualified and guaranteed a job placement. They will be awarded a certificate of participation and we hope that what they have learnt in the sessions, workshops and debates will be put into practice.

The entire project will be implemented over two years and activities will provide the participants with more information about employment.

With the collaboration of the Ministry of Employment we would like to make some of the job seekers' wishes come true; that is, to have a permanent job.

- To increase the awareness of unemployment in our country
- To encourage the youths to set up their own businesses
- To increase the sense of responsibility through the youths
- Give the youths the necessary training and guidance
- Involve them in workshops, debates and sessions

- Conduct information sessions for the youth on employment issues and career guidance;

- Conduct training sessions on basic skills in the work environment, basic computer skills, and basic office skills and telephone techniques;

- Arrange for the youth to visit places of employment;

- Work with the employers to provide the youth with job placements;

- Evaluate the impact of the activity, by conducting a questionnaire survey designed to gauge the job expectations among the youth participants. This should be conducted before they start the project and repeated at the end of the project;

- Undertake publicity and promotional activities to include newspapers, radio and television.

Progress Reports:
25 September
We have just finished our 3rd Computer lesson on Saturday 23rd and this Saturday 30th we are having a picnic and lunch as a fun activity to know each other better. It will also be like a family outing because they will be bringing thier family members with them.

20 July 2006
As for now only two activities has been orgainzed. We have to put on hold all our activites for the moment as my country is in the process of the Presidential Election at the end of the month. As you can imagine all the activites has been going on from all parties. - Sabrina

26 April 2006
Our first activities were held on Saturday 22nd April under the theme, 'Careers guidance', and its planned for one year. The next one will be on the 10th June 2006 under the theme, 'Debate on unemployment'.

Our project proposal was under the theme, 'Create more employment through local investment'. We're working with a group of youths giving them training in different fields, placing them under a job attachement and trying to garantee them a job at the end of the year. - Sabrina

Project Proposal
Background details of the project

Basic Skills Work Environment proposal
This is the outline of a proposed course for the project

SIV Forum Report
A report on the forum that introduced the project to potential participants





Sabrina Marie

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