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Empowerment workshop and training on career development skills, Solomon Islands

Who's involved:
Project leader: Fred Pateson

Main partner: Global Youth Nexus

Other organisations:
- SICA youth
- SIFGA Youth
- Matariu, Youth
- West Kola Ridge dance team
- King George sixth high school

- Reigning Impact Ministries
- Ministry of youth and women
- Empowerment and funding Diplomatic centre

September - March 2008

Money in my pocket

To develop the necessary skills to enable youths to acquire a job and develop their career interests and encourage and develop the means of earning income.

- Develop the practical skills in resume writing;

- Develop the skill of writing an application letter;

- Identify potential fields of career and interests;

- Optional income generating avenues.

- Plan and organize the steering committee for the project;

- Plan, organize and hold three different workshops to develop the practical skills in resumé writing, writing an application letter and identifying potential fields of career and income generating avenues;

- Purchase and distribute workshop materials and stationeries;

- Evaluate the impact of the project by conducting a questionnaire/survey among the youth participating in the activities at the beginning of the project and repeating it at the end of the project to see how their attitudes towards volunteering have changed; analyse and report on the results;

- Undertake publicity and promotional activities to include newspapers, radio and television;

- Undertake a survey of the number of participants who have since found employment.

Progress Reports:
9 November 2007
"We have started the steering committee meeting and currently the pre-project survery is underway." - Fred

17 October 2007
"The project is in the intial phase with the steering committee put in place. Also we are looking at having the first training around middle November. Currently we are working on the brochures and invitations to youth groups invloved and also brainstorming on the details of the content of the trainings. - Fred

Final Report [PDF 42Kb]
Project Proposal




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