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Raising awareness through youth for youth on HIV/AIDS, St. Lucia

Who's involved:
Project leader: Kezia Auguste

Main partner: Mount Olive SDA Youth Department / Master Guide Club

Other organisations:
- National Youth Council and the St. Lucia Junior Pride
- Red Cross and AIDS Action Foundation
- St Lucia National Commission for UNESCO
- St.Lucia Scouts Association

June 2006 - December 2007

Life and Love in Islands

The aim is to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS among our youth and reduce the stigmatization of victims.

- To educate youth on issues dealing with HIV/AIDS in collaboration with partners e.g. National Youth Council, Red Cross and AIDS Action Foundation

- To promote the importance of HIV/AIDS testing among youth.

- To reduce discrimination against HIV/AIDS victims.

- To appeal to the government to change the sex consent age from sixteen (16) to eighteen (18).

- Collaborate with National Youth Council, St Lucia Junior Pride, Red Cross and the AIDS Action Foundation to implement the activities.

- Coordinate a song competition on HIV/AIDS issues for young people with prizes and publicly broadcast the winning song(s).

- Organize two panel discussions on HIV/AIDS with youth from local peer counseling groups.

- Publicize the activities through local radio, television and newspapers.

- Evaluate the impact of the activity by asking a minimum of 60 youth to complete a survey on their knowledge of HIV/AIDS before and after the two panel discussions and report on the results of the evaluation.

- Provide UNESCO with photographs and at least 60 minutes video footage of the activity.

- Investigate and report on ways of continuing this activity in the future.

Progress Reports:

Project proposal
Workplan and budget






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