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Camp Sanguine: With us a new chapter begins

The Ambassadors of Cayon High (past students) implemented a camp geared towards providing varied opportunities for a group of current students of a lower socio-economic status to discover their true being and self-worth. Aptly guided by the motto 'With us a new chapter begins' they are proud to report on a camp that met all expectations and captured all aims and objectives.

The venue of the Camp (2-5 June 2006) for 50 students was the Violet Petty Primary School, Lodge Village, St. Kitts. It focused on one main area, Decision Making (Choices), under the sub-theme, "Don't follow the tide, U decide".

Activities of this project included:

  • Training sessions in career development, volunteering, HIV/AIDS and lifeskills development;

  • A gift-giving event at a Childrens' Home in Basseterre;

  • A 2-day community project that involved painting the entire exterior of the camp venue, Violet Petty Primary School;

  • Commitments to post-camp activities where participants volunteered in local community projects;

  • Closing ceremony and awards banquet.

Participants left the camp with a broader general knowledge but particularly about the importance of their choices in life and the consequences. It is hoped that they will make informed choices for their future.

The success of the camp has ensured that the Violet Petty Primary School will be the venue for Camp Sanguine for the next 2 years. The camp is being organized again for 1-4 June 2007 and will continue to adopt the theme Decision Making (Choices) under a new sub-theme "To be or not to be". Due to the tremendous success it is expected to attract 60 students as it has raised the interest of other students.

"We are prepared to start a new chapter in life and we would enjoy doing so by creating a fun learning environment for the present students of Cayon High."

- Claricia Langley
President, Ambassadors of Cayon High

Background information
Objectives, activities, progress reports, workplan, project proposal

Final Report [.pdf 642Kb]
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Claricia Langley


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