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Home gardening: For better nutrition and money in my pocket!

"To implement this project was one of the most important roles for the young people of the group, yes there are other huge gardens, but this idea is about self employment and learning how to manage a small business and to keep them occupied during their free time.

A 2-day workshop took place in mid-July 2007 on the main island, Funafuti, before the composition of the group was identified. The group came from the outer island and the participants ranged in age from 15 – 35 years old. The workshop was organized by The Department of  Youth by Mr Obaro Masaysyae. 80 people were exposed (including audiences) to this workshop activity.

The outcome was that participants for the project were selected and that most of the audience began to make their own home gardens and were assisted by agriculture officers.

The main ideas that the youth learnt from this project was the possibilities of home gardening to help in eating fresh veggies, reducing obesity, hypertension and living long.

The current status of the project is well controlled by the selected group and the island community in monitoring the progress of the project. Even all the materials needed have been purchased and handed over to the group. All that is needed is to keep the garden rolling over. To continue in the future, it depends on the spirit of the group and also from the assistance from abroad. If the group implement this project, why not give the group another chance if it is possible." - Petueli Noa

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