Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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Institutional strengthening of beach management capabilities in the organisation of eastern Caribbean States and the Turks and Caicos Islands   

Caribbean Development Bank

Interim report following completion of phase 1 activities
by Dr. Gillian Cambers, April, 2000

Executive summary
1. Introduction
2. Objectives and terms of reference
3. Methodology
3.1 Beach Profile Analysis Programme
4. Results
4.1 Beach Monitoring Activities in the Individual Islands
4.1.1 Anguilla
4.1.2 Antigua and Barbuda
4.1.3 British Virgin Islands
4.1.4 Dominica
4.1.5 Grenada
4.1.6 Montserrat
4.1.7 Nevis
4.1.8 St. Kitts
4.1.9 St. Lucia
4.1.10 St. Vincent and the Grenadines 
4.1.11 Turks and Caicos Islands
5. Sub-regional assessment of the beach monitoring activities
6. Discussion: beach monitoring activities and integrated coastal management
7. Phase 2 activities
Appendix I: Beach monitoring data for a sample site (Morris Bay, Antigua)
Appendix II: Schedule of island visits
Appendix III: Country specific details regarding the beach change databases
Characteristics of the beach monitoring programmes in group 1 countries/territories
Characteristics of the beach monitoring programmes in group 2 countries/territories

Co-operation Agreement, Caribbean Development Bank and UNESCO GA 82/R UNESCO project 707RLA40

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