Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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Institutional strengthening of beach management capabilities in the organisation of
 eastern Caribbean States and the Turks and Caicos Islands


The phase 2 activities will be adapted to the specific needs of the individual islands and their phase 1 activities and results. For example, the focus in one island might be on further strengthening the monitoring capabilities of an environmental agency, while in another island the coordination of monitoring and database management might be the prime focus, and in yet another island public awareness and education might be the main goal.  

In general terms the phase 2 activities will focus on the following:

- assessment of the data analysis and interpretation skills in the environmental agencies, addressing any problems that may have arisen and providing any further assistance as required,
- ensuring the beach change databases are installed in the physical planning agencies and that planning personnel are trained in their use,
- raising the level of awareness about beach management through workshops for island stakeholders including government agencies, NGOs and members of the public.

As noted above, these general activities will be adapted to each islandís specific needs and situation. Following the discussion in Section 6 of this report, a special effort will be made to involve agencies responsible for public works.  Consideration will also be given to establishing an electronic network so the islands can directly exchange information among themselves about beach management problems, issues and concerns. 

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