Slide presentation beaches and hurricanes: 1995 in the Eastern Caribbean Islands

Slide 46: Restoration of a sandy cay, Sandy Island, Anguilla, after Hurricane Luis

After a hurricane much of the sand eroded from the beach and dunes is brought back onshore.  This is part of the natural process and if at all possible, the best advice to a coastal landowner who has suffered beach erosion in a hurricane, is to let Nature take her course for at least a few months or a year, to see how much sand is returned and where.  Here in Anguilla, a small sandy cay used to be covered with dense vegetation and there was a restaurant building.  The cay was completely swamped by the hurricane waves, but began to rebuild after the hurricane.  An attempt was made to reconstruct the restaurant within weeks of the hurricane.  This proved to be unsuccessful because as the island re-formed it shifted its location further east and eventually the newly constructed restaurant foundations were left in the sea.