Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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Wise Coastal Practices for Beach Management

A one-day workshop under the theme - Wise Coastal Practices - sponsored by UNESCO and the Caribbean Development Bank, under the auspices of the Department of Planning, took place on Tuesday at the Teachers Resource Centre. Dr. Gillian Cambers of Puerto Rico was guest speaker.

The presentations were interesting and gave serious food for thought regarding Anguilla's very fragile, yet heavily depended on resource the beaches and the need for conservation.

None of the presenters made any claims for having all the solutions to the current problems land owners and developers may be experiencing. They did however see a need for all persons to consider themselves custodians of the environment and to readjust their approach to the care and the keeping of it. It was hoped that with education and cooperation some of the problems could be addressed.

There was a need for strict regulations and that where an application is denied, and an appeal made, that the economic, environmental and social matters should be considered. It was observed therefore that there should be some compromise on the part of the applicant under the circumstances where not only the beaches can be washed out to sea, but the structure being built as well.

A call was made for developers to research alternatives to stepping from one's bed as it were into the ocean by building too near to the beach. They were urged instead to make their investment safe while protecting the island's resources for the common good of future generations.

Isn't that what sustainable development is all about?

The Anguillian,Friday 15 September 2000


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