Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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A UNESCO Chair in Integrated Coastal Management and Sustainable Development has been established at Dakar University, Senegal

The establishment of a new UNESCO Chair at the Dakar University (Senegal) is under way. Once a UNESCO professor is nominated, in 1997 the first group of students will start attending specialized courses integrating natural and socio-economic approaches. Senegal has the necessary expertise and manpower to provide students with pertinent knowledge on impacts of natural forces and growing population on coastal regions, in Africa and on a global scale. International expertise will also be provided. This Chair, the only one of that nature so far in Africa, will have a sub-regional character.

For more information, contact:

Prof. K. Seddoh, UNESCO-Dakar Office, 12 Avenue Roume, BP 3311, Dakar, Senegal, fax (221) 238393


UNESCO-CSI, csi@unesco.org

Local/regional contact:

Director of UNESCO-Dakar Office
12 Avenue Roume B.P. 3311
Tel: 00221235082, 00221238441
Fax: 221238393, Telex: 5141OUNESCO SG+21735 UNESCO SG
Covers: Cape Verde, the Gambia, Guinea, G Bissau, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone

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