Environment and development
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A first case study in the Adriatic basin: Omisalj (Krk Island, Croatia)

At the Essaouira seminar on "Urban Development and Fresh Water Resources: Small Coastal Cities", the delegations from the small coastal cities of Taglio di Po (Regional Park of the Po Delta, Italy) and Omisalj (Isle of Krk, Croatia), were headed by their mayors. Their objectives were two-fold: (i) to listen to and evaluate the initiative promoted by UNESCO, and (ii) to study the proposal to turn Omisalj into another pilot case of the Project. Co-operation between the two municipalities, in the framework of the above international Project, would take into consideration the following factors:

Following the example of the Essaouira case, the two cities of Omisalj and Taglio di Po signed a letter of mutual cooperation to deal with topics for their common good, such as:

As the first step in the implementation of this agreement, various expert missions and on-site seminars will be organized by the UNESCO Office in Venice. Thus, in March 1998 a meeting will be held, in which new partners (communities, regions and private individuals) will meet to study the initiatives sponsored by UNESCO. In April-May, a mission of archaeological experts will visit Omisalj with a view to launching, together with local experts, the exploration of the Fulfinium site, identifying the area that is to be excavated during field campaigns and organizing a summer camp for volunteers. In May, an international seminar will be held to define a methodological frame of reference with a view to the sustainable development of Omisalj, with particular emphasis on historical and cultural heritage, water resources and Nature protection. During the summer period, the first archaeological exploration campaign, co-ordinated by Italian and Croatian experts, will start in Fulfinium. The recovery of the early Christian Basilica is foreseen as well.

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