Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands

Environmental, social and cultural implications of a ship-breaking industry, Alang-Sosia,  Gujurat, India



Impacts and challenges of a large coastal industry. Alang-Sosiya ship-breaking yard, Gujarat, India ’04, CSI papers 17
Lonely ship-breakers sitting atop ticking AIDS bomb (newspaper article) May '03 (to see this PDF file you will need )
Regional Workshop for the Asia-Pacific University Twinning Network 'Exploring Wise Practice Agreements', Khuraburi, Thailand, Nov. 02
Managing conflicts over resources and values - continental coasts 2002, CSI papers 12
The latent role of research in conflict management at the Alang Sosiya Ship-Breaking Yard Nov. '01
Wise practices for conflict resolution between villagers and migrant workers: economic co-operation and social segregation, Alang Sosiya Ship-Breaking Yard Nov. '01
WP Forum: Balancing global and local industry concerns with environmental and social change / Alang-India. October '00
Making unsustainable development sustainable: the case o f the Alang ship-breaking industry in Gujarat, India  '00 English  Français

Articles (in PDF) published in local newspaper at the occasion of the Workshop 'Wise Coastal Practices for Sustainable Human Development', Bhavnagar, India (27 July 2000)

Bhavnagar BHAL: A story of coastal change (powerpoint presentation) March '00
WP Forum: Changing social conditions and the ship breaking industry / Alang-India September '99
WP Forum: Industrial safety concerns in the ship breaking industry / Alang-India August '99
WP Forum: Balancing materialism with morality: Gandhi still lives / Manar-India  August '99
Articles (in PDF) published in local newspapers covering the Gujarat project, July '99 (to see this PDF file you will need )
WP Forum: Planning for port development / Dholera-India  June '99 
WP Forum:  Cross sectoral approaches to integrated coastal management / Alang and Bhavnagar Bhal-India  May '99





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