Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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The Kingdom of Belgium

A specialist from Belgium assisted (September to December, 1996) in formulating a plan of action and in the organization of a national seminar on the ‘Study and Management of Coastal Areas of Haiti’, and attended this event as a resource person (December 1996, Port-au-Prince, Haiti). In preparation for this event the same specialist participated in a feasibility study mission, in September 1996, on the development of a series of data atlases on selected coastal areas of Haiti. A report of the meeting was published as Coastal Region and Small Island PapersCoasts of Haiti. Resource assessment and management needs’ and ‘Les Côtes d’Haiti. Évaluation des ressources et impératifs de gestion. Two specialists participated in drafting a project document on the study and protection of coastal biodiversity in West Africa (submitted to the EC for funding), and participated in the concluding meeting (Paris, France, May 1996). A Belgian specialist attended a regional workshop on ‘Preserving Biodiversity and the Socio-Economic Value of Mangrove Ecosystems in Latin America’ (Brasilia, Brazil, March 1996). A specialist from Belgium attended the international residential seminar for the ‘Sustainable Development of Omisalj’ held in Croatia in October 1998, as a resource person. A description of measures taken in Belgium to control coastal erosion was posted on the CSI Internet-based ‘Wise Practices for Sustainable Human Development’ forum in December 2001: ‘Further Views for Soft Engineering Measures for Coastal Erosion Control’.

A paper on the UNESCO initiative to integrate indigenous knowledge into development and conservation efforts: ‘Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems in a Global Society’ was presented at a conference on ‘Science and Tradition: Roots and wings for Development’ that was held in Brussels in April 2001.


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