Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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The Federative Republic of Brazil

Brazil hosted the regional workshop on ‘Preserving Biodiversity and the Socio-Economic Value of Mangrove Ecosystems in Latin America’ (March, 1996). Nineteen scientists completed comprehensive studies that contributed to the publication ‘Mangrove Ecosystem Studies in Latin America and Africa’ (UNESCO, 1997). Three scientists participated at the ‘International Conference Towards Sustainable Development of the Rio de la Plata Coastal Zone’ (ECOPLATA’96, November 1996, Montevideo, Uruguay). A scientist from Brazil provided an article on UNESCO’s promotion of research and preservation of mangroves (July, 1996). Another was invited to give a series of lectures on coastal geology at the ‘UNESCO Chair in Coastal Sciences’, University of Concepción, Chile (August/September 1996). A UNESCO-Paris staff member attended an initial workshop on the ‘Institutional Programme for Coastal Studies’ in Belem, Brazil in December 1997. A specialist from Brazil acted as a co-editor for the ‘Manual of fish eggs and larvae from Asian mangrove waters’ (UNESCO-ISME, 1998, 191 pp.). An expert from Brazil participated in the meeting held in Uruguay for the creation of a Chair in ‘Integrated Management and Sustainable Coastal Development in the Rio de la Plata region’ in May 1998. A contract was issued to the ‘Museo Paraense Emilio Goeldi’ to prepare an intersectoral publication on ‘Human Environment Interactions Along the Amazonian Coast’ in English and Portuguese. A group of Brazilian scientists prepared a publication on the coastal zones of Guayana, Suriname and Brazil. One person from Brazil attended the UNESCO-associated ‘Expert Centre for Taxonomic Identification/World Biodiversity Database’ board meeting held in the Netherlands in January 2000. A paper relevant to Brazil ‘The Battle for the Last Fish in the South Atlantic’ was posted on the web-based discussion forum ‘Wise Coastal Practices for Sustainable Human Development’ in September 2000. Another paper about Brazil was posted in January 2002: ‘Breaking the Cycle of Poverty with Information and Communication Technologies, Brazil’.


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