Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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The Republic of Finland

A transdisciplinary workshop ‘Days of the Living Sea’ was hosted in Suomenlinna, Finland, in May 1996.

Two people from Finland participated (August 1996) in the advanced field training courses organized through the CSI-Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)-Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM)-sponsored Baltic Floating University (BFU) facility. Funds were provided by the private sector in Finland for provision of equipment to the BFU (July, 1996) as well as for printing the Baltic Floating University Research Bulletin 2 (December, 1996). Two Finnish specialists contributed to this issue. Two specialists from Finland contributed to the BFU Planning Meeting (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, May 1997) and two Finnish resource persons attended a regional seminar on ‘Teaching Integrated Coastal Management’ (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, May 1997). 

A specialist from Finland attended a seminar on UNESCO/CSI Computer-based Learning Modules (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, December 1996). One person from Finland attended the ‘First Regional Workshop of UNESCO/CSI WinBilko Authors and Users’ held in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation at the end of December 1997.

A Finnish specialist attended an international workshop on ‘Submarine Archaeology and Coastal Management’ (Alexandria, Egypt, April 1997). Papers from the workshop were published as Coastal Management Sourcebook 2 (2000): ‘Underwater Archaeology and Coastal Management. Focus on Alexandria’.

Coastal and small island matters in northern seas were dealt with by the Nordic-Baltic meeting of the Social Sciences sections of the National Commissions for UNESCO in Helsinki, Finland, in March 1999.

Three specialists from Finland participated in the UNESCO conference on ‘Sustainable Development of Coastal Resources in the Nordic and Baltic Countries’. The conference, held in Fredrikstad, Norway, in May 1999, was organized by the Norwegian National Commission for UNESCO.

The themes of ‘The Role of Environmental Impact Assessment in Farmland Reorganisation / Hailuoto Island - Finland’ and ‘Planning for Sustainable Tourism Development / Karelia - Finland and Russia’ were introduced as discussion topics on the web-based ‘Wise Coastal Practices for Sustainable Human Development Forum’ in September and October 1999.

Finland is a member of the Nordic-Baltic Network on Sustainable Coastal Development that is jointly run by CSI and Management of Social Transformations (MOST). The work of the network was reviewed at a meeting of the Nordic-Baltic National Commissions for UNESCO on social sciences that was held in Helsinki in March 2000.


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