Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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The Federal Republic of Germany

A German participant in the Experts Meeting (Paris, November, 1996) made major contributions to CSI’s objectives and planned activities. Six people from Germany participated in an international workshop on ‘Submarine Archaeology and Coastal Management’ (Alexandria, Egypt, April 1997).

Two people from Germany attended a planning meeting on coastal studies in the Eastern Baltic (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, May 1997) and a regional workshop on ‘Teaching Integrated Coastal Management’ (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, May 1997). 

As part of the intersectoral UNESCO project on ‘Urban Development and Freshwater Resources in Small Historic Coastal Cities’, a consultant from Germany visited Morocco to advise the national authorities on the protection of the historic city of Essaouira. Two experts from Germany participated in the meeting on ‘Urban Development in the Coastal Environment’ held in Essaouira, Morocco in November 1997. A report of the meeting was published as CSI Info 5 in English and French. A German expert attended a Steering Committee meeting for the project, held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, in March 1998. As part of this project a German consultant visited Essaouira (Morocco) in July 1998 to assist the local authorities in protecting this historic town from erosion by the sea. 

A specialist from Germany assisted CSI in reviewing coastal management literature from May to September 1998.

One person from Germany helped to organize an international seminar on ‘Sustainable Development in the Coastal Zones’ held in Mahdia, Tunisia, in June 1999. He also helped to prepare the proceedings for publication as CSI info 8 (2000): ‘Développement Urbain Durable en Zone Côtière. Actes du Séminaire International.

An external evaluation of the Coastal Regions and Small Islands platform was conducted in 2001-2002 and a final report was produced in February 2002. One of the external evaluators was from Germany.

One person from Germany wrote a paper that was presented at a conference on ‘Coastal Zone: Property Rights, Economics and Environment’ in Aix-en-Provence, France in June 2002.


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