Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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The Republic of Kenya

A Kenyan specialist made major contribution to the development and refinement of CSI’s scope and objectives during a CSI Experts meeting (Paris, November 1996). A pilot project on ‘Coastline Instability in East Africa’ (co-sponsored by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, IOC) was launched in 1996. A survey of the socio-economic consequences of coastline instability along the Kenyan coast was completed by a group of five Kenyan specialists. A public awareness campaign, on radio and television, was launched in May 1997 prior to a national seminar on ‘Coastal Instability and Socio-economic Consequences’ (Mombassa, Kenya, June 1997); over 200 nationals attended the seminar (decision-makers, managers, researchers, hotel owners and other stakeholders). A trainee from Kenya attended a training course on the ‘UN Convention on the Law of the Sea’ (Halifax, Canada, June-August 1996). A specialist from Kenya participated in a regional seminar on ‘Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development’ (Dakar, Senegal, October 1996). Three Kenyan specialists contributed papers to the CSI-supported publication ‘Mangrove Ecosystem Studies in Latin America and Africa’ (UNESCO, 1997). Four Kenyan authors contributed to the summary report on the UNESCO-Kenya National Seminar on ‘Sustainable Coastal Development through Integrated Planning and Management’ which was published by the UNESCO-Nairobi Office in December 1997.

The UNESCO Communication and Education Sectors, and the UNESCO Dakar, Maputo, Nairobi and Pretoria Offices jointly organized a workshop on ‘Education and Communication for Sustainable Coastal Development’ as part of the ‘Pan-African Conference on Sustainable Integrated Coastal Management (PACSICOM)’ held in Maputo in July 1998. The proceedings of the workshop were published as CSI info 7 (1999): ‘The Role of Communication and Education for Sustainable Coastal Development’ / ‘Rôle de la Communication et de l’Éducation dans le Développement Durable des Zones Côtières’. One of the keynote papers (English/French) and three discussion papers were presented by experts from Kenya. One of these experts also attended the intersectoral workshop ‘Towards Wise Coastal Development Practices’ held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris in the beginning of December 1998. A report on the workshop was published in English and French as CSI info 10 (2000): ‘Wise Coastal Practices for Sustainable Human Development. Results of an Intersectoral Workshop and Preliminary Findings of a Follow-up Virtual Forum’. A paper on Kenya’s mass-media was presented.

In July 1999 a web-based discussion on ‘Effective Communication: Strengthening Environmental Journalism / Kenya’ started on the ‘Wise Coastal Practices for Sustainable Human Development’ Forum. A report on the forum ‘Work in Progress 2’ /  ‘Progrès Accomplis 2’ / ‘Avance de Actividades 2’ was published in November 2000. One person from Kenya contributed to the report.

As part of the ‘Second World Water Forum’, a special thematic session was held on ‘Water and Indigenous Peoples in The Hague, The Netherlands in March 2000; one person from Kenya attended.

One person from Kenya attended a workshop for CSI field project leaders on ‘Wise Practices for Conflict Prevention and Resolution’, which was held in Mozambique in November 2001. A report of the workshop was published as CSI papers 12: ‘Managing Conflicts Over Resources and Values: Continental Coasts’.


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