Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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The Lebanese Republic

Saida participates in the ‘Sustainable Living in Small Historic Coastal Towns’ project. This project has created a network of towns around the Mediterranean and in Europe that are collaborating to find ways of developing while retaining their cultural and historical identity.

One person from the Lebanon participated in the meeting on ‘Urban Development in the Coastal Environment’ held in Essaouira, Morocco in November 1997. A report of the meeting was published as CSI Info 5 in English and French.

Five participants from Lebanon attended an international seminar on ‘Sustainable Development in the Coastal Zones’ held in Mahdia, Tunisia, in June 1999. A report on the seminar was published as CSI info 8 (2000) ‘Développement Urbain Durable en Zone Côtière. Actes du Séminaire International’.

A brochure on Saida was published, in early 2000, jointly with the Hariri Foundation and the Municipality of Saida: ‘Saida, the Ancient Sidon “Pearl of the Mediterranean”’; ‘Saïda, l’Antique Sidon “Perle de la Méditerranée”’.

A consultant visited Saida in August 2000 to collect data on socio-economic aspects of fishing communities and other coastal communities.

An information workshop for mayors of historic Lebanese cities was held in December 2000. It was co-organised by the Municipalities, the Hariri Foundation and the UNESCO Beirut office.

The joint CSI and Management of Social Transformation (MOST) project ‘Growing Up in Cities’ and the Harari Foundation project ‘Memory and Belonging’ are helping young people to learn about and manage their natural and urban environment. The Khan Hammoud has been surveyed.

An international seminar on ‘Urban Development – Finding a Balance Among Land, Sea and People’ was held in Saida in May 2001. Proceedings of the seminar were published in 2002 as CSI info 11. As a follow-up to the recommendations of the seminar, a sub-project on the coastal dynamics in the region of Saida was launched in 2001. Coastal monitoring was started in 2002.

A summary of the historic coastal cities project was compiled in May 2002 in French and English.


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