Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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The Republic of Tunisia

A trainee from Tunisia attended a regional training course on the ‘Use of Remote-Sensing Techniques in Coastal Research and Management’ in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in December 1996.

One person from Tunisia participated in the meeting on ‘Urban Development in the Coastal Environment’ held in Essaouira, Morocco in November 1997. A report on the conference was published as CSI Info 5: ‘Urban Development and Freshwater Resources: Small Coastal Cities - Proceedings and Recommendations’, ‘Développement urbain et ressources en eau : petites villes côtières - Actes et recommandations’. An expert from Tunisia attended the meeting of the Steering Committee for the intersectoral project ‘Urban Development and Freshwater Resources’ which was held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris in March 1998. A working meeting with representatives from the municipality of Mahdia (Tunisia) took place in July 1998 as part of the intersectoral project on ‘Urban Development and Freshwater Resources in Small Historic Coastal Cities’. It was followed by a intersectoral mission to Mahdia in September/October 1998 which resulted in a draft action plan for protecting this historic town. The draft plan formed the basis for the ‘Master Plan for the Medina’ which aims to rehabilitate urban areas in the Medina. A promotional brochure on Mahdia was published in May 1999. CSI, the Management of Social Transformations (MOST), the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) and the Tunisian Ministry of the Environment organized a cross-sectoral seminar ‘Développement Urbain Durable en Zones Côtières’ in Mahdia in June 1999 to further promote the historic coastal cities network. 152 people from Tunisia attended the seminar. The proceedings were published as CSI info 8 (May 2000): ‘Développement Urbain Durable en Zone Côtière. Actes du Séminaire International’. Following the recommendations of the seminar, given in the ‘Mahdia Declaration’, restoration of the frontal dunes in Mahdia started in early 2000. A six hundred metre length of coastline has been rehabilitated and an awareness campaign has been mounted, including an information day and a brochure. A summary of the urban development project was produced in May 2002 in English and French.

One person from Tunisia attended a workshop for CSI field project leaders on ‘Wise Practices for Conflict Prevention and Resolution’, which was held in Mozambique in November 2001. He presented a paper on ‘Natural and Cultural Heritage in Mahdia, Tunisia’. A report of the workshop was published as CSI papers 12: ‘Managing Conflicts Over Resources and Values: Continental Coasts’.

Work in Mahdia was described in a paper posted on the CSI Internet-based ‘Wise Practices for Sustainable Human Development’ forum in September 2001 on: ‘Green-Engineering Measures to Control Coastal Erosion’.


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