Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands
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The Republic of Turkey

A specialist from Turkey attended a regional symposium on the ‘Enhancement of Coastal Productivity in the Middle East’ in Elat, Israel, in October 1996. A specialist from Turkey took part in a feasibility study in September 1998 on the creation of an underwater archaeological museum in Egypt, and in the roundtable meeting on ‘Underwater Archaeology and Coastal Zone Management of the Qait Bay Area’ in Alexandria in September 1998. One person from Turkey attended an international seminar on  Développement Urbain Durable en Zones Côtières / Sustainable Urban Development in the Coastal Zones’ held in Mahdia, Tunisia, in June 1999. A report on the seminar was published as CSI info 8 (2000) ‘Développement Urbain Durable en Zone Côtière. Actes du Séminaire International’.  


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