Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands

Drive to clean coasts

PISIN is her name and a bird she flew from far north towards the south in search of a healthy clean and green environment to settle.
She landed in a place in which the popular Eda Ranu icon ‘Kanage’ is a dominant figure.

With dissatisfaction because Kanage’s place could not suit her standard of living, Pisin flew away. This was despite a strong pleading from Kanage for her to stay but this was to no avail. Kanage pleaded with all his heart and at the end of the battle he broke down until he could do no more because he failed to convince the bird to live on his land. 

But this did not deter the melodrama man to continue his battle for a cleaner, safe and conducive environment. In a bid to improve the quality of life in his area, Kanage set up an association for a major clean-up campaign which became very successful, and he saw to it that birds were slowly making their way back to his land.

This is a play Alphonse Dirau (Kanage) performed at the Royal Papua New Guinea Yacht club in Port Moresby yesterday, during the official launching of the international Papua New Guinea coastal cleanup campaign.

Little did he say as in the case of his popular phrase “you make it a what” but the meaning and actions contained in that drama was fundamental.
Even the Prime Minister and patron of the association, Sir Mekere Morauta, admitted that the play was consoling and he was so honored to be part of the campaign.

Source: Post-Courier Online, 22nd-24th September 2000

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