Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands




by Kononenko M.R. and Shilin M.B.



Part 1

Coastal zone as an ecological, social and economic system


Chapter 1.1

Coastal zone as a natural object - an ecosystem


Chapter 1.2

Coastal zone under anthropogenic pressure


Chapter 1.3

Comprehensive approach to identifying the object of planning

Part 2

General principles of coastal zone development planning


Chapter 2.1

Coastal zone planning: background


Chapter 2.2

Planning for the coastal zone as a complex system


“Top-down” v “bottom-up planning”

Part 3

Practical planning


Chapter 3.1

Classification of coastal zone development plans



Principles of classification and choice of criteria


Time-scope: short-term and long-term plans


Legal status


Level of integration


Chapter 3.2

Planning as a multi-level process


Territorial classification of plans


Planning at the national level


Regional plans for coastal zone development


Local and sub-local level of planning


Chapter 3.3

Object plans in coastal zone management


Application of object plans


Chapter 3.4

Process of drawing up a coastal zone management plan

Part 4

Monitoring the project


Chapter 4.1

Principles of monitoring






Chapter 4.2

Wise practice characteristics




Table 1

Environmental, social and economic characteristics of the coastal zone

Table 2

Factors influencing coastal zone dynamics

Table 3

Ecological, social and economic analysis of coastal systems

Table 4

Dialectic position of models and plans for coastal zone development

Table 5

Methods of classifying plans

Table 6

Scale of coastal zone development planning

Table 7 

Examples of object plans used in coastal zone management


Russian Federation Ministry of Education
Russian State Hydrometeorological University

Joint European Project

"Development of Integrated Coastal Management Training and Education" (T_JEP-10814-1999N)


St. Petersburg 2003

M. Kononenko, M. Shilin. Integrated coastal management planning strategies (Стратегии планирования в комплексном управлении прибрежной зоной) St. Petersburg, Russian State Hydrometeorological University Publishing House, 2003.  181 p.

Reviewers: V. Limarev, Ph.D. in geography, Professor at the Pomorsk State University (Arkhangelsk);
A. Alekseev, Ph.D. in geography, Senior Researcher at the Zoology Institute of the Russian Academy of Science (Saint-Petersburg), President of the Section for Commercial Fishery of the Interdepartmental Ichthyological Commision.


The principles and methods of scientific planning for practical care of the coastal zone are analyzed on the basis of a systems approach. As an object of planning, the coastal system, its ecological, economical, and social sub-systems, is examined. The role of planning in integrated coastal zone management is revealed and discussed. Case studies and exercises are proposed for training in practical planning in the coastal zone. 

Russian State Hydrometeorological University, 2003 


© Russian State Hydrometeorological University 2004






Wise Practices