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Course on Small Business Management in the Coastal Zone - the Kandalaksha Region

One of the most important components of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) is adult education.

To this end a vocational course on Small Business Management in the Coastal Zone was developed as part of the UNESCO-CSI White Sea / Barents Sea project. The Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU) of St. Petersburg ran the course jointly with the Kandalaksha Centre for Employment. Staff from the University, George Gogoberidze (assistant professor in the ICZM Department) and Sergey Lukyanov (assistant professor in the Oceanology Department), devised a series of lectures and practical studies on the:

Practical study in the computer class

The course was tailored specifically to the needs and conditions of the Kandalaksha region. A business computer game developed by Nixdorf KARL of the H. Nixdorf Fund was used to run simulations of small business economics. In all 112 hours of lectures and practicals were devised to run over a two-week period.

The course was run in October 2003. The Kandalaksha Centre for Employment provided the premises and selected the 16 students to be involved. All the students were at least high school graduates, some were temporarily unemployed, and all were interested in business activity in the Kandalaksha region.


A lecture by Nikolai L. Plink,
Head of the ICZM Department, RSHU

Representatives from the local authorities, the Kandalaksha State Reserve, the Kandalaksha Centre for Employment and the RSHU did the teaching: Nikolai L. Plink, Head of the ICZM Department, RSHU;

All the students completed the course and received an official certificate from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and another certified by the Director of the UNESCO Moscow Office, Philippe Queau and RSHU Rector Lev N. Karlin.

Andrey I. Ivanov,
Deputy Head of Kandalaksha Administration,
hands out certificates

At the end of the course the lecture materials and the Nixdorf KARL business simulation software were put at the disposal of the Kandalaksha Centre for Employment. All the students showed interest in continuing their studies in fields such as aquaculture, ecological safety of coastal zone and coastal zone strategic management.

The Director of the Kandalaksha Centre for Employment reported favourably on the course to a meeting of a Special Working Group on Integrated Coastal Management held in the Local Kandalaksha Administration in late October 2003. All the participants in the course (staff and students) considered it an activity worth continuing. The RHSU considered it a success in that it developed a dialogue, within the framework of integrated coastal management, between local authorities and futures business managers.




George G. Gogoberidze
Assistant Professor in the ICZM Department,
RSHU, St. Petersburg
Nataliya Malenkova
Director of the Kandalaksha Centre for Employment



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