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Textbooks on integrated coastal management: the first in Russian

CSI has worked with the Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU), St. Petersburg and the local administrations for towns bordering the White Sea, for nearly a decade, to develop Wise Coastal Practices applicable to northern Russia. As the result of this cooperation a Department of Integrated Coastal Management, the first in Russia, has been established at the RSHU to provide students with focused teaching and training in this discipline. The students participate in a CSI-related project on Sustainable Coastal Development in the White Sea - Barents Sea Region (northern Russia) and other national and international initiatives.

CSI, among others, initiated a 4-year joint European Commission funded project on “Development of integrated coastal management training and education” (1999-2003). The RSHU, the University of Cadiz, Spain and the University of Aveiro, Portugal were involved. One of the intended outputs of the project was a series of textbooks, for students and stakeholders active in the coastal region, on various aspects of integrated coastal management.

Russia has one of the longest coastlines in the world. As coastal policy and law are not yet fully established at a national level the discussion and teaching of coastal management, wise practice and sustainability are timely and of national concern.

In mid 2003 the RSHU published a series of four textbooks, in Russian, on how to achieve sustainable development in the coastal zone. Their approach is based on Wise Coastal Practice, a technique developed by CSI, to balance economic, political and socio-cultural development with sustainability.

The first book in the series is entitled “Coastal Policy”, it introduces the principles and methodology of sustainable coastal development. The other books in the series focus on Coastal Economics, Integrated Coastal Management Planning Strategies, and Coastal Law. The books were co-authored by professors from the RSHU. They draw on experience gained through the European Commission project, the project on Sustainable Coastal Development in the White Sea - Barents Sea Region and other programmes developed by international non-governmental organizations, the European Union and United Nations organizations (UNESCO, United Nations Environment Programme).

The textbooks will be revised, as part of a CSI-established UNITWIN Network on Wise Coastal Practices in Europe (WICOP-Europe), to produce reference materials of a more general nature.



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