Environment and development
in coastal regions and in small islands

Education for sustainable village living, Saanapu and Sataoa villages, Upolu Island, Samoa.

This project was formerly titled Sustainable Village Living in a Small-Island Setting (Saanapu-Sataoa, Samoa).


Regional Workshop for the Asia-Pacific University Twinning Network 'Exploring Wise Practice Agreements', Khuraburi, Thailand, Nov. 02  
Wise Coastal Practices. Towards sustainable small-island living  '01  CSI papers 9  
Customary management systems in Samoa: a future for culture-based conservation  '00   English Français  
Education for Sustainable Village Living
Samoa: preserving marine heritage English Français  Español
Ecocolonialism and Indigenous-controlled Rainforest Preserves in Samoa March '97
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